Coffee House Ramble #7

Weekly Coffee House Ramble


Hey, what was up with last week? I was so excited but you never show up?

Didn’t you read my post? I was celebrating 1000th post and I thought I’d do something memorable.

Oh, and I’m not memorable?

No, I didn’t say that but you are a weekly event and I need something that says “Special announcement!” Anyway, how was your break?


That bad, huh?

[shrugs] So it’s the new year, you got any goals? Resolutions?

[shrug] I used to make New Year Resolutions but it seems like the more I make them, the more I promise myself to do something, the more I would end up not doing it. Like last year, I told myself, “You will exercise, keep exercising until you reach your ideal weight.” I think I did it a week or at least until my body was so sore that I could barely move and I just gave up. You can see that I have a problem with commitment.

You can do that again this year, just keep telling yourself and maybe now that you have a treadmill, it’ll be easier. Didn’t you say you had to drive somewhere else to go to the gym? [Nodding] Well, now you don’t. Maybe you’ll finally achieve your ideal weight. 

Okay, I see you’ve got a good point there. Maybe that was the obstacle all along. Maybe I will finally reach my dream goal. For now though, I think my main goal of 2016 is to finish my degree and graduate college for the second time. So do you have any goals this year?

[laughs] I’m in your head, remember? Your goals are my goals.

[laugh] Oh right.

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