Coffee House Ramble #4

Before we begin, I just want to announce: the title for this blog has officially changed. It is no longer “A Simple Life.” From today on, it will be known as “Just Another Story.” You can go to the new about page to find out more about the new name for the blog. 

Weekly Coffee House RambleSo how many times have you changed the name of this blog?

Let’s see, [counting fingers] plus minor changes, this would be the sixth time. Without minor changes, the fourth time.

  1. A Random Blog
  2. Random Blog
  3. Diary of an Optimist
  4. My Simple Life
  5. A Simple Life
  6. Just Another Story

[sipping a cup of steaming of peppermint hot cocoa] Heard any story lately?

[shaking head] No, you?

Actually, a couple nights ago, as we were coming home from school, the conversation topic of my life after graduation came up again.

That seems like a fun topic.

Oh, you would not believe it but I guess that’s what you get when you’re living with a control freak. She keeps pushing me to go to Northern California. I asked, “what about Oregon or Washington?” and she’d immediately bring up that old story she had told a thousand times.

Not long after she arrived in the United States, she had worked as a live-in housekeeper. Her boss used to live in Seattle and one winter, on a rainy day, her boss’s car slid and went off the road. Her boss and husband survived but their son did not but apparently, they were granted a miracle. Their newborn looked exactly like their dead son.


Obviously, she didn’t want the same thing happen to me but why is she limiting me to Northern California? Well, after some prodding, I discovered that while she and my youngest aunt stay here and watch over the three homes, I’m to babysit the rest of the family in California. The rest of them, about six people are supposedly going to join me and we’re to live under one roof.

Oh my…

You said it. At that moment, I felt as though I’m going to faint. How am I even supposed to escape this? Oh, I know, by moving to an unpleasant place or a place my family will never want to go. Ugh, I feel like my life is turning into one of those action/adventure/drama never-ending movies.

Is that why you changed the title of the blog?

[shrug] Something like that but mainly because I have somewhat come to believe in reverse psychology. I named this blog “A Simple Life” so I can achieve a simpler life but it had become complicated instead. I guess until I lay to rest, there will always be something that makes life complicated.

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7 thoughts on “Coffee House Ramble #4

  1. I noticed your blog name change yesterday and I like the new name. As far as your mother goes, one nice thing about being an adult, you get to make your own decisions. She will just have to live with whatever decisions you make. You go where your sweet little heart takes you.

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