What happened to my money?

I was supposed to have another story (fiction) for you today but I didn’t get to finish it, guess I’ll just have to leave it for another day. I spent the morning out and about, soaking up some sunshine. We went up to the air force base to see what’s left from the Black Friday sale and didn’t see anything we liked. So we ended up just restocking the pantry and fridge with food. mymoney-800x800

After lunch, I spent about an hour reconciling my money. Mom has been asking me lately. “Where did your money go? How come you don’t have money?”

“It got up and walked away.” I replied and she gave me an angry glare. “I don’t know.” I told her honestly.

“You don’t have rent or any expenses. So what are you spending your money on?” Trust me, you’re not the only one asking me this and that is absolutely no true, I have expenses. What do you call student loan debt? Do you really think you will have access to the internet if I don’t pay for it? And I have health insurance too, you know. Obamacare doesn’t pay for everything.

So, I just spent an hour trying figure out exactly where my money went. I tend to just keep track of my income and not my expenses. I think that’s part of the problem. After I completed the reconciliation and saw the numbers, I felt my jaw drop. How come I still have money in my bank account? This was the question I asked myself.

Capture 1

I guess you can sort of see it here. The top rows are my income and expenses follow. The next picture is even more scary.


It turned out there were about six months of the year when I have a cash shortage and honestly, I had no clue. There were still money in my account and I could still pay my credit cards. I think it might have been because of my scheduled spending. I typically wait until my credit card is over and then every expense after that will be on the next statement. That way, I have more than adequate time to pay it back and probably, that’s why I’m not seeing those red numbers show up in my bank account.

Still though, I’m shocked at the numbers but at least it gave me a clue as to where my money went. Taxes and tuition. The two areas that ate all my money and the reason I’m still stuck in my mom’s basement.

2 thoughts on “What happened to my money?

  1. Yeah, I´m a student too now and have to live with my family to cut down on the expenses and other reasons too – but I have a lot of expenses, as you say, medication, books for study, bus tickets…it doesn´t seem like mch, but it adds up. I´m just frustrated about my money situation all the time. I don´t nearly have as much work as I´d like, on the other hand, I don´t have quite as much time either…vicious circle. Let´s all hope it gets better in the new year 🙂

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    • I completely agree. All these little expenses adds up.

      It’s awful being a students sometimes, not only do we not have money, we don’t have time either. Yeah, always, let’s hope that 2016 will be better than 2015.

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