Flash Fiction: The Voice

park benchTori breathed in a large breath of air as she sat down on the bench. “It is such a wonderful day today, isn’t it, Javier.” She reached down and fluffed the fur of her shepherd,  Javier, when she heard a psst coming from the bushes behind her.

Quickly whipping her head left and right to examine her surrounding, she realized there wasn’t anyone there, just bushes.  She returned to petting her dog whose tongue was sticking out and breathing heavily from the two miles run they both just endured.  “Psst, Tori!” The voice hissed again.

Tori looked up again, searching for the spot the voice was coming from.  After finding nothing again, she felt annoyed and frustrated.  She stood up and gripped Javier’s leash tight and spoke loudly. “Whoever this is, you either show your face or cut it out or else.”

Old couples and joggers passerby stared at her like she was some crazy weirdo but she didn’t care. Her ears were fixed on the noises of her surrounding but the voice never sounded again.

First published on April 28, 2014
Revised and re-published on November 28, 2015
Image credit: Google


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