The Art Institute

I love going to museums because first of all, I’m kind of a history lover and secondly, museums are quiet rich learning environments and I get to see something different every time I go.

Of course, my mom is kind of a rush traveler, wants to see everything in a rush and doesn’t want to stop and savor the moment. I am the complete opposite.

So that Sunday, after a quick tour of Millennium Park followed by a quick lunch, the group split. Some went on downtown shopping, some went to the aquarium, while the rest, me, the professor, and another, went down the street to Chicago’s world class Art Institute.

To be honest, I was really interested in seeing the Art Institute and I was glad I didn’t have to walk far because my feet were already in pain.

The museum is split into three levels. The main floor or the second level is filled with European art through the ages, the third floor is modern art while the first level is the one I found most interesting. It contains Asian art, photography, and other interest exhibits.

We had about three hours before the museum closes and I was determined to spend every moment wisely. I first studied the map to determine exactly what I want to see. Then I wandered through the exhibits of the second floor to see if anything piqued my interest before making my way downstairs.

The thing I found interesting about Asian art is that my mom often told me the Japanese copied the Chinese when it came to pottery but from the exhibit, I couldn’t see the similarities. I think the design on the Japanese bowls are more livelier and slightly more complex than the Chinese.

After touring of Asian art, almost two hours had gone by. I must get to the Special Exhibitions and Photography parts of the museum and due to the shortage of time, I barely took any photographs in those exhibits except for this very interest concrete wall.


It is made completely with concrete and I thought the pattern and design was very intricate. It must had taken a while to complete such special project.

Anyway, after that, there was no more time to waste. I must make it to the modern art and contemporary sculptures exhibits on the third floor. Modern Art is basically 1960 to now.

It was interesting and I don’t know much about painting and sculptures but a lot of them looked as though they were made by a child which was what I found fascinating. The sculpture below looks like two fingers crossed, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I know I didn’t get the complete tour of the museum but at least, it will give me an excuse to go back.

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