Two Sundays Ago…

It’s hard to believe I was in the Windy City just two Sundays ago. I can still remember that day as if it happened yesterday. I was wandering around Millennium Park searching for my group while feeling irritating and panicky. 

I was irritated because even though I was half-way across the country, I couldn’t escape the stuff that goes on at home. My phone was ringing off the hook that day.

Two weeks before, my mom stuck a For Rent sign at one of the rental properties after one of our tenants moved out and apparently, everyone decided they want to inquire about the house that exact day.

I spent that morning doing homework in my hotel suite while taking a break now and then sort of admiring the cityscape outside the window.


The hotel was situated right next to the freeway and that building was a post office but it’s abandoned. The towering structure behind the post office was the Sears Tower but it had recently changed its name to the Willis Tower.

At noon, I went down to the hotel lobby and met up with the rest of the group. Together, we left for the subway station to get to Millennium Park.


An unique structure on the street

Millennium Park was crowded that day being that it was Sunday and the weather was marvelous.


As I approached, I remarked, “It looked like a giant tin foil.” One of my group mates chuckled and walked passed as I took the opportunity to snap a picture.


We made a turn and came face-to-face with another structure. It looked vaguely familiar. I wasn’t sure where I have seen it before.


It looked like a giant sparkling metal ball. I began to walk around but as I made my way around the giant structure, I became aware that it wasn’t a sphere. It was an arch, my brain deduced. That’s it, it was an arch but what’s so significant about an arch?

I searched for a perfect angle to snap a memorable picture but there was none. There was people everywhere. Eventually, I stopped trying to take pictures of this “thing” and began taking pictures of my surrounding instead.


I must admit, I was having one of those suburban girl visits big city kind of moments as I admired all the sky-high building structures. I’ve never seen so many high-rise in my life, in movies maybe, but not for real. I was most impressed that not one was the same.

Soon enough, I became aware that I had drifted away from the group and began to panic. I began to search for them but it was like searching a needle in a haystack. There were just too many people.

So I made my way toward the amphitheater.


The amphitheater was another impressive structure with so many beams connected to form an open roof and I finally understood the giant tin foil structure was the amphitheater.


I soon approached a bridge. I had no idea where the bridge led to but I was desperate to reunite with my group. Just as I began to traverse the bridge, my phone vibrated. It was a text. Another person was interested in the house. So I wandered across the bridge while texting.





It wasn’t until I arrived on the other side of the bridge that I received a text from my instructor asking where I was. By which time, I had already texted back-and-forth with the house inquirer four times. “The other side of the park,” I texted my instructor and after communicating back-and-forth a few times, he called and inquired where I was.

I said I was searching for the group and asked him where they were. After he told me they were at the same place, “The Bean,” it turned out that was the name for “the arch”.

I ended up to had to make my way back across the bridge back to the place I began where I found the entire group waiting. I must admit, I was a little embarrassed to have everyone waiting for me because I was being silly.

Anyway, it turned out we were going the same way. Oh well, I’ve just walked the same route twice.

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