Two Miles Walk

My mom has this horrible habit that really pick on my nerve. She picks the worst time to do anything, which it’s whenever I’m busy doing my stuff (studying, blogging, writing etc). I tell her “not right now.” She would reply, “Yes, right now.”

This past week, she had been picking my TV time to make me go for a walk with her. Hello, I’m in the middle of something! Besides, I hate going out right before nightfall. That’s when all the bugs come out and I always end up getting bit by something. I asked why we can’t go earlier, her answer was “because it’s too hot.”

There is nothing hot about this summer. The temperatures of most days have been in the 80’s which is cool for the summer.

Another thing I don’t like about these walks is that she walks fast. Her pace is always too fast for walking yet too slow for jogging. She also likes to talk while walking. I can barely catch my breath with that pace. If I walked just a tad slower, she’d immediately assume I can’t keep up. She wouldn’t slow down but instead she would begin blaring me with mean words.

  • If you don’t start exercising, you’d be dead at 33. I don’t care. I’ll just get the insurance money and you can go join your dad and step-dad.
  • If you don’t start exercising, how do you expect to face your relatives when you go back to China?
  • If you don’t start exercising, your legs will be thick like an elephant leg.
  • Look at your legs, they are paler than that of a pig.

Why would anyone say such terrible, offensive, and hurtful things?

Tonight, I really want to watch TV, my favorite show’s on and I’ve been waiting an entire week to watch it. So to satisfy her, I went for a two mile walk this morning and because my mom doesn’t really trust anyone these days, I took some pictures for proof but I know it won’t matter. She will just say, “I don’t care. Your death is your problem.” Ouch! 😦

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Close Up

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Inspiration

28 thoughts on “Two Miles Walk

  1. Lovely pictures. What is the name of the white wildflower in the right hand corner. We had these around our house when I was a kid and we would make a wish and blow on the flower and watch it fly apart in the air.

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  2. You might have difficulties finding a husband… If you know what I mean. Hahaha! Just joking, my dear friend. But having an in-law like your mother will be a major endeavor. 🙂

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  3. Wow! I don’t know how you handle everything the way that you do. I myself would have stormed out and never come back by now. Actually I did do this to my mother at one point in my life and never looked back. The best decision that I ever made. We actually get along now. Go figure… Love the pictures. 🙂

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  4. Lovely photos!

    80s sounds hot to me (well I haven’t converted it but it sounds hot!). When I left home this morning my car said 9C (=48F) 😦 It’s sunny though (hence the cold) so hopefully we’ll hit low 20s by the afternoon (68-low 70s F).

    There’s this great new word for when someone’s nagging you (all the kids are using it I hear). Just keep saying “whatever” 🙂

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    • Ha ha 😀 An elephant leg is a scary thing to imagine but I guess it’ll be a good reminder.

      I don’t like to exercise. I think it’s boring. So I have to think of an alternative to take the boredom out of exercising which is taking pictures.

      I’m not patient at all, to be honest but I guess I have to be since the alternative would be arguing and I do not like to do that at all.
      Thank you for reading.

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