More Sleep, Please?

Today’s Prompt: 6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

721add7cd31718bc24379b94531dd4b3I don’t understand this prompt. I mean, I know what the Golden Hour is, it’s the hour after sunrise and hour before sunset, I had to look it up on Google to make sure I got it right but still, I don’t understand what the prompt is asking. I mean, some parts of my brain seem to understand but I’m struggling to get my thoughts in words. My thoughts at the moment are warped because I am on edge this morning and have been for most of the week.

I suppose I should be happy and glad my lab test results came back normal and my liver function is much better than before but still, it doesn’t answer the question of why I don’t feel like myself. I suppose I just need to get out of the basement and go out to soak some sun or maybe it’s just the fact that I haven’t been getting the sleep I need ever since mom decided to spend all her on-leave days or maybe the walls are just too thin.

Every morning, when mom takes her first bathroom break, I would be lying three floor down listening to the toilet flushing and water gushing from the faucet. I’d be awake at that moment. Then it’d become quiet for about 5 minutes before I would hear her storm down the stairs like a T-Rex storming a city.

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten, I would mentally count the steps as I’m trying to get back to sleep. Step step step step step, one two three, step step step step step, slam! There goes the garage door. And all this before 6:00 AM or shall I say the Golden Hour.

Ugh, she’s calling me, here we go again for the gazillion this morning. Be right back.

Okay, I’m back, where was I? …

Great, I lost my train of thought.

To be honest, 6:00 AM used to be a great time because that’s when I receive the daily prompt which would give me something to ponder as I hop back to bed. Now, the prompt doesn’t arrive until 7:00 AM. It has been arriving at 7:00 AM ever since early March when the daylight saving began.

7:00 AM isn’t a bad time, just gives me one more hour of sleep and one less hour to think of a great story to tell. Unfortunately, it hadn’t been working for me in the recent days since mom decided to spend her on-leave days around the house making me barely have time to sit down and write. Even when I think moving into the basement would give me the privacy I needed, it doesn’t. What does it take to get some privacy ’round here???

She’s painting the next room at the moment, talking to herself and sighing for no apparent reason. It doesn’t matter though because I have decided to go to work today.


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