The Barter System

If the world changed its system, from monetary to non-monetary (barter), I think it might either make the world a whole lot better or a whole lot worse. Wars can start because of bad service or people not fulfilling their promises.

This system might actually get people to stop thinking about money.  Maybe it’s just me but I feel like it’s all anyone care about these days. Money money money. Do you disagree with me?

I mean, people spend all their time working for money. Some of those people is me, girl who works two jobs. Where do the money go after we work? Taxes, luxury goods, so on. Almost 50% of mine happen to go to taxes. Darn you government for taxing single people.

If the world works on a bartering system, it might get people to focus on necessity instead of luxury. Like service for a house or food for food. Wouldn’t that make the world better? I think countries might even not be in so much debt.186232_waldflieger_barter-system

I have to admit, I didn’t know about the bartering system until I took an economic class last summer. I don’t even know what the word barter meant. But once I began reading about it, I was fascinated by it. I thought why can’t we initiate such system again? I say again because there had been numerous bartering systems in ancient times. There are probably still some markets around the world with a bartering system. Now, those people will do fine if the world worked on a bartering system.

Who knows, I might be successful under this system. I know how to do plenty of things. I might not be good at it but I know why does it matter? On the other hand, there are some chances I can fail. Dissatisfaction of service? It wouldn’t be the first time.


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