The Emotional Reunion

While surfing the blogosphere, I came across a fairly new challenge called Picture it & Write. It didn’t provide a word limit. So I just wrote the first story that popped into my head. Enjoy. 🙂

by Gustav Johansson

Becca stared off into the distance as her ears concentrated on any incoming sounds, footsteps, car door slamming, anything but there was no sound. She checked the time on her watch. 5:46 pm and sighed. She’d been standing there for exactly 16 minutes.

She had spent most of the day preparing for this moment. What to wear, how her hair should be done, etc. It was the most trouble she’d gone through just to meet someone but this wasn’t just someone. This was her birth mother and apparently, she’s a no-show.

She glanced around, expecting her birth mother to approach any second but it was just her standing alone at the middle of this pedestrian bridge. She sighed again. I should just give up, she thought. Why would the woman who abandoned me in the first place want to meet me? If she really wants to see me, she would’ve shown up by now. In fact, if she had abandoned me in the first place, “why would she want to see me now?” She said the last part out loud.

“You’re right.” A voice answered. Becca spun around, tears almost spilled from her eyes. There she was, just like Becca had always pictured her to be. standing just fifty feet away. She walks toward her. “You’re right to think that.”

Becca shook her head like it was too hard to believe. She became speechless as tears streamed steadily from her eyes. “Becca,” the woman said, “I just want you to know, it wasn’t my decision to leave you and I haven’t stop thinking about you and the horrible mistake I made.” She took Becca’s hands and at that moment, tears streamed from both of their eyes. “You’ve grown into such a beautiful young woman and I never got to experience a moment of it.”

Becca sobbed and suddenly, the things she wanted to say, wanted to ask was gone from her mind. The only reason she had sought her birth mother out was to find out the truth and now she wondered whether the truth was the truth or was it just something her birth mother wanted Becca to hear. She shook her head. It doesn’t matter, she thought. All that mattered now was that they were together again.


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