Tourist Trap

wp_20140618_087“They are tourist traps.” Mina snapped as she pulled her poncho over her head. “They will make you pay, just watch.”

Sana rolled her eyes. “No, I’m pretty sure they provide those for free.”

“Suit yourself.” Mina proudly stepped out of the car like a fashionista. Sana stepped out of the driver side and followed closely behind. As they approached the viewpoint of the fall, a man walked up to Sana. His hair wet and was lugging a wet cardboard box full of blue plastic ponchos.

“Ma’am, you need a poncho?” He asked.

Sana frowned and looked at Mina, whose facial expression said, “I told you so.” She turned back to the man and politely shook her head.

“You’ll need it, ma’am. It’s windy today.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“The mist from the fall travels farther when it’s windy.” He stepped and examined Sana. “I’m sure you would not want to get your beautiful outfit wet.”

Sana nodded at the ponchos in the box. “How much?”

“10 dollars.” He announced proudly.

“10 dollars! That’s outrageous! It will take me less to dry my clothes in the bathroom later.” She continued to the viewpoint, annoyed and outraged.

(~200 words)



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