Galaxies and Black Holes

I thought about what I’m going to do with this week’s photo challenge. It looks interesting and I enjoy wall art, the messier, the more beautiful and meaningful it is, in my opinion. But when I’m trying to come up with photos of a meaningful wall on my own, I got nothing.

I mean, I can’t really take a picture of a random wall and post it now, can I? I need to think and reflect on the places I’ve been, the pictures I’ve taken. I thought I’ve officially given up and decided to just not do this week’s challenge when something came to me last night as if it was a dream, perhaps, it was.

It led me to this panoramic picture in the depth of my Google drive backup. I took last Christmas when I took my aunt and cousin to visit Downtown Salt Lake. This is the upstairs of Temple Square’s north entrance visitor center.


I must admit, it’s not the best. I’m still working on the kinks of holding my tablet mid-air without my hands shaking. I’m a fan of panoramic pictures, you see, but they are almost impossible to take without a tripod.

This is the other side of that gigantic room on the second floor of the visitor center. The mural is very captivating when you’re actually there, standing in the middle of it. I actually felt like I was in space, surrounded by other galaxies and black holes.


I suppose there is a meaning to this mural but I won’t go into detail. I might explain it wrong, I have a tendency to do that. So I’ll just let you all interpret it yourselves.

But this is it, this is my submission for this week’s photo challenge which the theme is “wall“.


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