Frightening, Unrealistic, Ridiculous

Daily Prompt: You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

Okay, I have three words to say about this prompt: Frightening, Unrealistic, and Ridiculous.

First of all, what did I do to get exiled? Secondly, if I’m being sent to a private island, it sounds like I’m more like being held as a hostage unless the country I am being exiled from owns the island. Third, the word “captors” is mentioned in the prompt which adds to the idea that I am not exiled, I am being held against my will.

I don’t usually go in depth to analyze the prompt. I usually just play along but today I thought I’d go deeper into the prompt to wake my brain up for the exam in an hour or so. My brain has been snoozing away all morning.  😀

Okay, now I will play along. If my so-called “captor” will only provide me with five foods, I will probably pick the foods I love but don’t usually get to eat. Since, you know, if I’m going to spend my eternity on this “island”, I don’t want to eat something I’m already eating everyday.

Assuming my “captor” will provide me my medication without my request, I won’t count that into my five but if not, well, my eternity had just gotten a whole lot shorter.

1. Jellyfish. Oh yes, jellyfish! I’ve only had jellyfish a few times, once at a friend’s house and the other times in Chinese restaurants during some grand party. It is YUM and it became my favorite once it hit my mouth.

2. Sweetened Condensed Milk. Milk and sugar in one place, what more can a person ask for? I don’t really use sugar in my everyday cooking so requesting sugar would just be a waste of a precious item.

3. Plenty of flour, that’s a must for breakfast and desert. There are plenty to make with flour and sweetened condensed milk.

4. Bananas unless there are some exotic fruits growing on this “island”. If it’s apple, I will still want bananas. If banana indeed grows on the “island”, then I’ll want to change it to beef tripe. On second thought, go explore the island first before making any immediate requests.

5. Plenty of noodles (pasta, rice noodles, etc.) It is hilarious that I can live without rice but I can’t live without noodles. It’s like my essential food.

There, that’s my five foods for this frightening, unrealistic, ridiculous prompt. 🙂


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