Please Come, Thursday

May I just say, I am absolutely positively not looking forward to tomorrow. In fact, I wish it would just fly by quickly and Thursday would come. I’d rather go to school than do what I have to do tomorrow. Not only it would take the entire day and it disgusts me a lot. It makes me shiver just talking about it. It’s got that “Ick” factor.

This would be my second year doing it though I don’t know why. My doctor finally called me back last Friday after making me wait anxiously for two days. He said my lab results looked okay except my hormones were a little high. No surprise there. He then told me I have to do a 24-hr urine test.

I was like “What?” Again? “You just told me everything was fine.”

He replied saying he needed to make sure my Calcium wasn’t out of whack. Didn’t it show in the lab results? I saw it. But he kept sticking to his reason, prevention of my hypocalcimia returning.

Anyway, just now on my way home, I stopped by the hospital to pick up my kit. I was a regular customer at the lab and the lab technician took my word that I needed to do this test. She didn’t even look at my lab order to make sure before disappearing to the back to gather the kit. She returned almost 5 minutes later with one of those large white personal belongings bags. Still, I had to make sure I didn’t hear wrong, hopefully, I did and don’t have to do this icky test. Unfortunately, that was what my doctor ordered. I peeked at my lab order and my doctor wrote specifically at the bottom, “24-hr urine test.” UGH! There were a lot of check marks on there also so I have a faint sensation he is doing so much more than just check my Calcium.

So now, the kit sits in my bathroom which I have already told my aunt she has to use the bathroom downstairs tomorrow while I spend the entire day at home doing this yucky test. But I don’t think my aunt has a clue of how the test will be conducted. She’s 4’11”, 80 pounds, and never been the doctor a day in her life. No, she has no clue of how anything works. How lucky is that?!


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