93-12-december-28th-2014James listened to the water crash beneath him as the firework boomed above him. He had just came from the hospital where the doctor informed him that his girlfriend, Reyna, had died of a brain hemorrhage. He had wanted this night to be special. He was going to wait for the firework to start and get down on one knee. He had it planned out in his head. He was going to propose tonight, New Year’s Eve.

Early tonight, he’d gone to her house and picked her up. Together, they’d walked to the pier where they had a romantic dinner. Then they’d strolled the night away on the boardwalk, browsing shops and window-shopping. They’d laughed and James’d hinted something about their future. Then all of a sudden, Reyna had collapsed. “Reyna?” Her eyes closed and she wasn’t moving. James shook her, “Reyna?” He’d called over and over while his chest pounded. With shaking fingers, he pulled out his phone and dialed 911.

The paramedics arrived and tried to revive her. They’d performed CPR, checked her pupils, everything but no response. They’d secured her onto a stretcher and wheeled her toward the ambulance. “I’m coming.” James’d shouted at the paramedics and climbed into the ambulance.

Aware of his shaking body, the female paramedic’d reassured him along the way. “Her pulse is weak but she will make it.” He’d nodded stiffly.

Before the ambulance even came to a stop, the paramedics’d jumped out of the vehicle and quickly transferred Reyna into surgery. While he waited, James’d paced back and forth in the semi-crowded waiting room. A few hours later, a doctor, still in his scrubs, came through the double doors. His eyes searched for James and when their gaze met, the doctor slowly shook his head.

“What happened?” James’d asked urgently as he rushed to the doctor.

The doctor had sighed. “It was too late. I’m sorry.” The doctor explained that it was a hemorrhage in the brain.

Those words’d rung in his ears as he sprinted out of the hospital back to the pier. James closed his eyes, a tear leaked from his eyes. He felt broken without Reyna. He was broken. Inhaling a mouthful of air, he plunged into the water.


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