Tuffy and Butch: Up the Bell Tower

67-07-july-6th-2014Inspired by Tom & Jerry Cartoons…

Tuffy the mouse breathed heavily as he leaned against the column of the monastery. He peeked into the courtyard. Tyke the bulldog was still fast asleep. “Whew, that was close.” He said. From his diaper, he pulled out a large drumstick and began shredding it with his teeth.


“Where are you, little guy?” Butch the cat said as he searched every nooks and crannies. The smell of drumstick suddenly came over him. He inhaled a long deep breath. Boop. Something hit him on the head. Tuffy strolled out from behind the column rubbing his tummy. “Ha ha!”

Tuffy jumped and off running to the courtyard toward the bell tower. The two of them raced the very top but when they got to the very top, Tuffy was nowhere to be seen. Butch stood beneath the bell and narrowed his eyes.

A whistle sounded from above. Butch looked up, Tuffy held a drumstick in his hand and struck it against the bell. Bang! Butch swayed forward like a drunk and fell off the tower. Splat!  Tyke was jolted awake by Butch landing on top of him. He growled while Butch chuckled awkwardly, “heh,” and shrugged, knowing clearly what was coming.

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