The Near Impossible Task of Multitasking

In the past two months (mostly), blogging has been a sort of an escapade for me, temporarily escaping work and study to go to another world, the world of blogging, that is. 😀 However, with two weeks away from my GMAT, I realize I need to buckle down and study.

On the other hand, I find my mind wanders a lot and that makes it that much more difficult to accomplish such a simple task. I guess maybe the thought of jumping right back to school just haven’t quite register in my mind yet. I guess my mind is still thinking about the freedom I should be having after graduation.

It’s also not registering that I’m taking two online classes (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics) and I need to catch up. That is so frustrating for me. What is more irritating is my mom telling me to not worry about my classes right now, that I need to focus on my test. It makes me want to scream. Even though I can temporarily put off Macroeconomics, I can’t with Microeconomics because I need to complete 7 chapters and take the mid-term exam by July 14. You can see how annoying that is when someone don’t realize the urgency.

Ugh, how I wish I can multitask: listen to the instructor’s online lectures while studying for my exam but it’s like an impossible task with so much distractions (airplanes, mom’s constantly calling home to check up, and the variety of interesting noises outside). It also makes the task of multitask impossible because there aren’t anymore room at my workstation to place anything else. Basically, my laptop and the brick-size test-prep book takes up most of my work-space. Okay, now, I’m regretting putting a queen-size bed in my already shrunken room. I even have to use the foot-board of my bed to stack some of my notebooks.

I wonder why do home-builders design such small bedrooms these days? Did they design it to have temporary guests in mind and not long-term residents? I swear, if I ever get a chance to build a house for myself, I’ll make all my bedrooms king-size. I guess not because then I’ll have a gigantic house. 😀

I think a temporary solution to my dilemma though, a small metal rack will have to do.


Until next time,

Thanks for listening and Have a great day! 🙂


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