Most Memorable Nights of a Lifetime

Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbonGraduation is one of the most memorable days or nights in anybody’s life whether you are graduating from high school or college, the ceremony itself just somehow makes you feel like for just this one day, you are the most important person and nothing else matters.  It is true, this was exactly how I have been feeling this past week.  My heart just flutters even when someone says the word “graduation”.  I did not want to do anything or care about anything.

For most of the week, I just sat in front of my laptop googling commencement and convocation and whether I should go to just one of them or both.  After a bunch of results popped out, most of them were of the many different colleges and universities detailing their graduation events, in the end, I can only sum it up in one word, zilch.


By Thursday, the day of the commencement, I finally realized I have been going to the wrong source.  I quickly went to youtube and typed in “University of Utah Commencement” and voila, my answers appeared on the screen like magic.

My answer appears

My answer appears

After watching a snippet of the commencement, I realized this was not the graduation I was supposed to be going to, that I was supposed to attend the convocation which will take place the next day.  I urgently phoned my mother and told her the change of plans.  Apparently, the commencement is where you sit uncomfortably in your gown for 2 hours listening to someone talk with an occasional handing out an award to some old guy.  You know what, no way am I going to that.

So yesterday, the entire day, I was stuck at home and once in a while, I would slip into daydream mode.  However, my daydream were not daydreams, for some reason, the worst scenarios kept popping up in my head like all the things that can go wrong at a graduation.  I don’t know why that happens, maybe it’s nerves, fear of not able to be graduated.

After a quick nap and a swig of soy milk, my mom dragged me upstairs and we changed into our formal attires.  She also braided my hair! Of all the times I have asked her to braid my hair, she said she didn’t know how.  By about 5:15 pm, my mom and I arrived at the Huntsman Center and we snapped some pictures while waiting for our friends.  Then of course, something has to go slightly awry.

DSCF9542I asked the lady that was supposed to assisting where I have to line up, the first time, she just pointed at the direction of the door.  But by 6:35, 10 minutes before we have to go in, there wasn’t a line anywhere by the door.  So I asked her again. She said go to terminal 7 and I will find a door.

My heart began to race with nervousness as I ran to terminal 7, there was no door.  My stole of gratitude swinging side by side in an annoying fashion while I started to panic.  Then as I continued to walk, I noticed a slight opening by terminal 9 and right there, I found the door.  Terminal 9, why couldn’t she just said terminal 9? I ran outside and found a bunch people lined up waiting to go in but they were not from my department, they were from Mechanical Engineering.  I ran past them, shouting “Excuse me” along the way to those tall people who couldn’t see me down here.

20140503_093803After another 5 minutes, 6:40, I finally found the Civil and Environmental Engineering department.  Out of breath, I quickly filled out my reader card along with a quick order form for pictures.  By 6:50, we were finally marched in.  Overall, I thought it went alright even with the small bump but hey, what is a graduation without bumps?

So now, the day after graduation, not only do I no longer feel important but it feels like I can finally focus on something other than graduation. My cap and gown continues to hang in my closet with nowhere to be.  After all, some attires are just good for one special night.


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